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February 15, 2006


Susie Skillstad

Before Reyah moved to Bruner, MO, she lived in my neighborhood in Ventura, California for about the last 4 years. I suffered from great pain in my right hand (tendonitis), left knee and lower back. Being very sceptical with bee stings, I dared to try one. My knee swell up and I found out I was allergic. HOWEVER, after the swelling went down, Reyah worked with me very carefully and very patiently over a period of 6 weeks to get my body de-sensitised. She is very experienced.
Ever since then I have been using bee sting therapy to lessen my pain in all areas and to experience a healthier, happier and more energetic life. Now I can take up to 20 bee sting in one sitting and the benefits are great. Some people call me 'crazy' but they don't know the healthy benefits WITHOUT any side effects. It is life changing.
I also take Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen on a regular basis. If I run out of these products, I feel the downturn effect within a week. I get tired and lethargic.
Also, Reyah's bee cream for the face has gotten me many compliments about how fresh, healthy and so much younger I look now.
For me bee stings and related products are the healthiest and most inexpensive ways of a healthy supplement I have discovered so far.
I completely trust Reyah with her products. She has great integrity, is knowledgeable in her field and loves to help people get healed and feel better.
Susie Skillstad, Ventura, CA

Shirley Kirkpatrick

My husband was diagnosed with having Parkinson's about year & half ago. He took the meds that the dr. prescribed and they made him so sick. I told him to stop taking them. He was resigned to the fact that he had PD. I never really accepted that diagnosis. He had a swollen hand that he couldn't make a fist. He went to two specialists and they didn't know what was wrong. A friend of mine at church brought me the newspaper that had an article in it about the bee lady and I called her and gave her a bried history and she told us to come on Saturday. We went and Reyah got his history and asked if he had ever been bitten by a tick. Well he had a lump in his groin about two years ago and went to the doctor and he lanced it and it was full fo infection. He didn't do a culture on it and told him it was an ingrown hair. Well the symptoms started to show up in his body. He had no energy and his left leg would not work right. He continued to work but would come home early. Reyah told us to go to Dr. Crist and be tested for lyme. My husband was reluctant to make that appointment but I insisted that he go so we could find out what is wrong with him. His test came back positive for lyme (borellosis). He is on an antibiotic and will be for while. We are so thankful to Reyah for showing such an interest in his health and insising that he be tested. So please get a second opinion if you think you might have the symptoms. We are thankful that we went to meet the bee lady and glad that she is in Missouri.

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