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October 27, 2012


Deb Harris

We enjoyed having you! Your talk was informative and easy to follow. The question and answer time was perfect and kept everyone engaged. Randy had you sting his knee (X2) and he has been raving about how great it feels now. I think he is finally a convert : ) I am in the process of reading the Honey Revolution and am going to order Pat Wagner's book on Bee Venom Therapy. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us all!!

Alden Marshall

Reyah, Enjoyed your presentation again. Have been to more than one of yours in the past, learn something new every time. Have used honey/water/vinegar (H2O2) before bed as mouth rinse, hygienist states great improvement in dental/gum health. Of course swallow solution for digestive health. Can you ship me some royal jelly caps? Interested in 200-500 quantity. Please advise of pricing. Thanks

Barbara Lawler

Reyah, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the NH Beekeepers meeting and at EAS this past summer. As always there is more and more information each time I hear you and my knowledge increases every time I hear you. Thanks!

Jim Donovan

Reyah you have God's name in your name the yah is an abbreviation of the name Jehovah. Do you have a calendar of events for 2013. l would like to attend an Apitherapy class Jim

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